Bonsai Meet
26 August, 2014
Hitex Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad

Bonsai Meet - The 20-20 of Expo's


  • First time in the history of Exhibitions we have come out with a new innovative way to participate in B2B Exhibition "Pharmabiotika 2014 – Bonsai Meet".
  • This is the 20 – 20 of Expo's.
  • Fast business dating for participating companies with their potential customers
  • This is a real time, new way of doing actual business interactions at a low cost for organizations participating in Exhibitions world wide.
  • You don't buy space for exhibiting your products but you use minimal space for interacting with business customers
  • You don't spend on transportation cost of your machines
  • You don't spend on designing or constructing your stall
  • You don't spend on any other hidden cost like extra furniture or extra electricity
  • You don't need to send in a big team to man your stall but just send two people from your business development team
  • You can meet many international visitors and exhibitors under one roof at a nominal cost.
  • Event only for 1 day (10 am to 6 pm)
  • Visitors / Customers from across the world who come into the event to meet their preferred customer will be able to meet you at the same venue.
  • We will give you the Visitor Contact details after the event, apart from the Event Exhibiting companies.
  • Bonsai Meet is easy for international exhibitors to participate at minimal expenses


  • Visitor Marketing by our team, through one to one meetings
  • Advertisements – Print media like Business Magazines, Trade Magazines, Newspapers etc
  • Advertisements in hoardings
  • Mailers to potential customers
  • Sending Invitation cards to potential customer
  • Promotions through Social Networking sites
  • Participants can also invite their potential / existing customers into the event


  • You can display small products or samples within the space available.
  • You can use banners / products catalogues / pamphlets / presentation on your laptop for displaying products / services.
  • You can use LCD & DVD players for displaying your products or services, facilities etc.